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Design Your Trip in Cartagena

Design your trip to suit your expectation and budget

Enjoy Cartagena de Indias from its beaches, tour cartagena its culture, its history, and its people through a local agency, which gives you the best prices and the best service. We give you up to 10 options of private beaches, group or private tours, boat or yacht rentals; All in one place, in Cartagena For Travelers.

Panoramic City tour around the city, in which you will know why Cartagena was the economic epicenter of the Spaniards in South America, that turned it the target of pirates and corsairs in the Caribbean that in turn caused the most heroic and fearsome naval battles of the continent, and therefore this city was walled and fortified with the largest defense system in the Caribbean. You will visit the Convent of “LA POPA” founded and built from 1606-1611, which is located on a mountain at 140mts altitude and where the patron virgin of the city (Virgen de la Candelaria) is located, and then reach the largest fortification of the Caribbean The Fortress of San Felipe de Barajas, which witnessed and executioner in the most epic naval battle of the Caribbean in 1741 against Admiral Vernon, and finally will make a journey of approximately two hours walking in the old city visiting its squares, churches, and monuments being part of this magnificent city of the Colombian Caribbean.

choose the best destination to the Rosario Islands

The Rosario Islands are a group of more than 23 islands, which are located in a national natural park that has the same name. In these islands, you could find paradisiacal beaches and the most beautiful hotel resorts; perfect for a day of relaxing, or if you prefer to escape from the noise of the city you can stay in one of these resorts to spend the night and disconnect from civilization. But we also found a special place for those who like party, noise, music, dance, and beautiful women, this place is CHOLON, a small island where you can only arrive there in a boat or rented yacht, and where all the yachts or boats have their party on board. Some daring usually jump into the sea in search of more fun. Also on these islands, you can enjoy aquatic activities such as Snorkeling, Diving, paddleboard, jet ski, kayak, mangrove tour, or plankton bioluminescence tour. Come and enjoy this diversity of activities in the Tour Cartagena Rosario Islands.

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