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Boat Rentals

Make your visit to the Rosario Islands a unique and exclusive experience by renting your boat or yacht, so that you do not have to comply with the schedules of the group tours and you can also visit the beaches and islands as you wish. Remember that the Rosario Islands are a group of more than 23 islands in which there are public beaches, luxury resorts, and party island (CHOLON). By renting your boat you can dispose of your time and the places you’d like to visit without any restrictions. Rent your boat, and come and enjoy with friends and family a great and unforgettable, exclusive and customized experience in the beautiful waters of the Colombian Caribbean.





Featured Yacht

Yate Pursuit

Nevera, Aire acondicionado, Sofá cama , Baño, Full Sonido.  2 motores de 4 tiempos

USD 1294

Yate Vertram 34ft

Sala de estar, 2 Neveras Yetti, Sofá cama , Baño, Full Sonido. 3 motores Suzuki 250hp

USD 1047

Yate Hang Loose

1 Camarote con su baño, Lavamanos, Nevera, Microondas, Aire acondicionado, Full Sonido, 2 Neveras y portátiles para uso en playa.

USD 1413

Yate Tuna

2 Neveras, 2 Camarotes, Baño con ducha, 2 Asoleadoras, Full sonido, Aire acondicionado, Duchas, Cojinería estándar. 2 motores Yamaha 350 hp.

USD 1564

Yate Dulcimar

1 Habitación, 1 Baño, Asoleadora, Sala, Comedor, Full Sonido

USD 1855

Yate Serendipity

2 Habitaciones, 2 Baños, Sala, Cocina.

USD 1047

Featured Boat Rental

Lancha Carnaval

Nevera, Sonido JL Audio, Cojinería de cuero en proa y popa. 2 motores Yamaha de 150 hp 

USD 421

Lancha Luxury

Nevera, Sonido, Asientos en cuero en proa y popa, Mesa. 2 motores Suzuki de 115 hp.

USD 503

Lancha Ginger

Nevera, Full Sonido, Bluetooth, Puerto USB, Ducha de Nevera, Full Sonido, Bluetooth, Puerto USB, Ducha de 

USD 522

Lancha Crespa

Nevera, Cojineria en cuero, Bluetooth, Full Sonido. 2 motores Yamaha de 300 hp.

USD 503

Lancha Neder 29ft

Nevera, Cojineria en Cuero gris, Bluetooth, Full Sonido. 2 motores Yamaha de 150 hp.

USD 463

Lancha Santa Maria del Mar

Sonido, Nevera, Ducha de agua dulce. 2 motores Mercury de 115 hp

USD 503
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